We had the most beautiful foraging walk the other day. We found an abundance of Purple Dead Nettle, Stinging Nettles & Primroses & even some violets!


We actually made a rice bake using the Purple Dead Nettle & Stinging Nettle but this post is all about the flowers! Ever since last year when I first saw people doing things with edible flowers I really wanted to have a go and am so happy to have finally made some vegan crystallised flowers! We had tried to do it last week with some primroses and I had tried to do it with the liquid from soaking chia seeds but that didn't work very good and so instead I tried to do it with the liquid from flaxseeds and it worked like a dream, I would have been so disappointed if it hadn't worked! Nixie and Forrest would happily just eat them all just as they were but they needed to dry overnight and I had to hide them from Forrest because he kept stealing them!!

As much as I love the way they turned out and how pretty they look it was incredibly time consuming and it's pure luck that I was able to finish them at all with Forrest being awake but I would definitely do it again!

How to make them:

1. Gather your flowers and make sure they are clean.


2. Then you want to make your "egg white" using flax seed and water. The trick is to boil about 1/4 flax seed with a cup of water and then strain the liquid. I still ended up getting some of the seeds into the liquid but not very much and they weren't noticable at all when I brushed them onto the flowers.

2. Take a paintbrush that has never been used and carefully paint the "egg white" mixture onto the flowers and coat them in granulated sugar. Then let sit overnight to dry!


3. Now they are ready to eat or to be used as decorations. We decided to make some vegan sugar cookies. We used Loving It Vegan's Sugar Cookie Recipe.  They turned out so good! We also used her frosting as the glue to keep the flowers in place.