Welcome! I’m Ann, a home-educating mama who lives in the New Forest with my husband Kevin, our 5 year old daughter Phoenix, our two year old son Forrest and our cat Muad'Dib.

Living a life closely connected to nature is very important to us and for the past year foraging has become such a big part of our lifestyle. We are just learning about it all but look forward to sharing what we discover as we go along. I really love how it helps us connect with our local surroundings throughout seasons.

Creating is also such a big part of our lives, whether we are doing arts and crafts or some sort of project inspired by my children's moods and interests I wanted to have a space where I could have some of the things we do in one place..

I will also be using this space to share all the things we love whether that may be adventures out in nature, our favourite books or resources or just some of the things we love about a life without "school".

I love to connect with others so if you feel inspired to reach out for any reason I would love to hear from you!