We have been learning about Molluscs and today we finished our nudibranchs. We love these creatures, some of them are so incredibly gorgeous and colourful that it almost doesn't seem like they could be real! What a beautiful world we have to look after. 

Forrest chose to do his after the Pikachu nudibranch and I loved how hard he concentrated on it, it was the sweetest thing to watch, he absolutely loved the whole process, I think he's gone through a bit of a shift with his whole view on creating as before he used to get so easily upset if he felt he had made a mistake.

We used Crayola's Model Magic clay to make these as I find it's a great medium for little hands because it is easy to mould and create shapes with and to then attach it to your piece but you also don't have as much control over what it does. But for this project it worked great

Make Your Own Nudibranchs


What You'll Need:

  • Model Magic
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • Pictures of Nudibranchs

How To Do It:

1. First spend some time exploring the wonderful world of nudibranchs and look at all the different kinds that exist and choose some you would like to make.

2. Then model your nudibranchs out of Model Magic and let dry

3. Paint your nudibranchs (it may help to have images to look at)